Mantis XP Extra-Wide 4 Cycle Tiller Cultivator
MANTIS XP Extra-Wide 4-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator 7566-12-02
November 28, 2020

THE ENVY Neighborhood Vehicle

Are you ready for the quietest comfortable ride? Then look no further than the all-new eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle. If you're looking for the Golf Cart of dreams or an ATV or UTV... Stop looking. This durable personal transport vehicle is built from American steel, rotomolded plastics, and 12" aluminum wheels. Perfect for cruising the neighborhood with the family, the eNVy is the best choice. Crosscut Power Equipment provides you with the latest equipment to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in South Carolina and surrounding areas, whether your at the beach, country club, community neighborhood or farm. Get moving with eNVy. Springtime is here!

Description We've packed the eNVy with a variety of standard features that take it beyond your normal personal transportation vehicle (PTV). See why these features will make others Ride with Envy. The 48-volt brushless electric power creates a comfortable, quiet ride with plenty of power. Capable of taking on rough terrain, the independent suspension helps create a smooth ride. Turn comfortably with the standard power steering and adjustable steering wheel. Never lose the keys again with the keyless ignition, enter the passcode and it's ready to go. Fold the rear seats down for a flatbed, fold the seats up again for extra storage space. Keep items easily accessible under the rear seats. Simply fold them forward for two storage compartments and more.
Engine Brushless AC Motor Driven System
Speed 19 MPH
Battery System 4-12 V Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery w/Watering Kit
Charging System Integrated On-Board Charging System
Torque 52.2 ft lb